Household gas meter Metrix UG4T
Household gas meter Metrix UG4T
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Household diaphragm gas meters Metrix UG4T with a temperature compensator are intended for commercial accounting of the volume of consumed gas, primarily in living conditions, in which the total-maximum use of gas by installed gas equipment does not exceed 6 m3/h.

Used for commercial accounting of natural gas, gaseous propane, butane or their mixtures.

On request for remote information transmission, meters can be made with a low-frequency pulse sensor (giron) type NI-3. In addition to the gas meter Metrix UG4T already installed, a pulse sensor can be connected. The magnitude 1 of the pulse is - 0.01 m3.


Technical characteristics of has meter Metrix UG4T

Maximum gas flow - Qmax m3/h 6

Minimum gas flow rate - Qmin m3/h 0.040

Nominal gas flux - Qnom m3/h 4

Cyclic volume dm3 1.3

Maximum working pressure - Pmax kPa 50

The maximum value of an adder is 99999.999 m 3

Limits of the relative error of the meter in the range of costs, at the initial calibration

- Qmin to 0.1Qnom - E

- 0.1Qnom to Qmax - E%% ± 3 ± 1.5

Threshold of sensitivity dm3 / h 5

Pressure loss Pa ≤ 200

Range of ambient temperatures ° C -40 ... +55

Operating temperature range ° C -25 ... +55

Threaded fittings, inch ¾ "1" ¼


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Delivery of the goods is carried out by the territory of Ukraine by carriers "Nova Poshta" or "Delivery".


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30 November -0001

Повністю відповідає опису. Дешевий та надійний, за таку ціну я б кращого не знайшов. Консультанти ввічливі, сервіс на висоті.

30 November -0001

Зручний магазин, залишив номер телефону і мені відразу подзвонили, прислухався до рекомендацій і обрав цей лічильник.

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