Household gas meter Elster BK-G2,5Т
Household gas meter Elster BK-G2,5Т
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The gas meter Elster BK G-2,5T is designed to measure the volume of gas consumed in the housing and communal sector (apartments, houses). For ease of installation, the Elster BK G-2,5T gas meter is available as a left-hand drive (gas supply is carried out from left to right) and with right-hand drive (gas supply is carried out from right to left).

The meter meets all the norms of national metrological standards of Ukraine and EU countries. The manufacturer guarantees the highest level of accuracy and stability of the meter for many years of work.

The principle of work

The movement of the membrane is carried out under the influence of pressure differences between the inlet and exit of the meter. The gas comes from one side of the membrane, and proceeds from the other through a separate channel on the valve. When one side is full, the rotary mono valve is moved to the next position, allowing the gas to fill the empty side. Transmitter transmits reciprocating motion to a mechanical-recall device with a roller adder.

Product set: counter - 1 pc., passport, packing

Technical specifications of Elster BK-G2,5T

The throughput of the meter m3/h:

-maximum 2.5

- nominal 4

- minimum 0,016

Cyclic volume (V): 1.2 cu. dm

Working pressure (P max): 50 kPa

Other technical parameters

1 imp. => 0.01 m3

Threshold of sensitivity, no more: 0,005 m3/h

Operating temperature range: -36ºС ÷ to + 60ºС

Diameter of joints: G3 / 4 (DN20)

Service life and validation terms

Full service life: 25 years

Frequency of calibration in time: 8 years

Overall dimensions

Dimensions: 212x196x155 mm.

Weight: 1.9 kg


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To buy a gas meter on our site, click the "Order" button. On this page, fill out a special form with your name, phone number and basic details of the order. If necessary, you can call us on the specified phones. Delivery of the goods is carried out by the territory of Ukraine by carriers "Nova Poshta" or "Delivery".

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