Household gas meter VIZAR G4
Household gas meter VIZAR G4
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The domestic gas meter Vizar G4 can be called one of the most commonly used in many Ukrainian regions.

Its advantages include the stability of the operation of the accounting mechanism, a long period of uninterrupted and trouble free work, as well as small dimensions.

In most cases, it is used to account for gas consumption in homes and apartments.


Technical parameters of the gas meter Vizar G4

Nominal gas flow, Qnom m3 / h: 4

Maximum gas flow, Qmax m3 / g: 6

Minimal gas flow, Qmin m3 / g: 0.04

Cyclic volume, dm3: 2

The highest excess working pressure, kPa: 50

Operating temperature range, ºС: -40 ÷ +50

Weight, kg: ~ 2.7

Service life no more than years: 20

Receiver capacity: 99999.9998 cubic meters. m

The price of the partition of the smallest section of the counting device: 0.2 cubic meters

Sensitivity threshold, no more than: 5 cu. dm / h

Maximum working pressure: 50 kPa (0.5 bar)

Threaded fittings: 1 "

Inter-axial distance of connecting fittings: 110 +/- 0.5 mm;

Dimensions: 214 (sh.) X 173 (g.) X 251 (in.) Mm.

Frequency of calibration in time: 8 years

Warranty: 8 years


Gas meter Vizar G4 consists of 3 parts

- Lower part

- Top part with counting mechanism

- And the internal mechanism


How to order?

To buy a gas meter on our site, click the "Order" button. Then, after switching to the order form, fill in the special form, indicating your name, phone and basic information of the order. You can also call the indicated phones if you have a question about the product.

Delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine by carriers: Nova Poshta, In-Time or Deliveri.


The mechanism of the gas meter.

This unit consists of two air chambers on each side, each chamber opens with its curtain (under the cross-mechanism), the cross-mechanism of these traction, which just move the upper curtains, they open in turn, thus letting a portion of gas into the air chambers. In the chambers themselves, membranes are mounted, to which are attached sticks, which move the upper curtains (they are the damper).

The shutters that pass through the housing from the membrane to the cross-mechanism. Here, to the cross-mechanism is attached an asterisk, which rotates in one direction during the operation of these cameras and transmits the emerging torque when passing the gas on the counter mechanism of the front panel.

The membrane (located below) drives a lateral stem when a portion of gas is fed into the chamber. When the VIZAR G4 is filled, it opens for gas output (in a certain place, the curtain begins to open before opening), but the curtain on the second chamber closes, accordingly, the pressure goes to the second camera and it now already moves in turn the stock, and so in turn.


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