Household gas meter VIZAR G2,5
Household gas meter VIZAR G2,5
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The gas meter VIZAR G2,5 (Vizar G 2,5) is designed to count the amount of gas consumed in domestic (individual heating, houses) and commercial premises (offices, workstations). In cases of peak load, the throughput of this device is 4 m3/h. In normal mode, the nominal throughput is 2.5 m3 / h. The gas meters VIZAR are issued by the Ukrainian state enterprise "Zhulian Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR "and are registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. The term of the warranty service of the device is 1 year, but the total service life is not less than 20 years.


Technical characteristics of gas meter Vizar G2,5

Nominal gas flow, Qnom m3/h: 2.5

Maximum gas flow, Qmax m3/h: 4

Minimal gas flow, Qmin m3/h: 0.025

Cyclic volume (V) dm3: 2 cu. dm

The highest excess working pressure (P max), kPa: 50 kPa


Receiver capacity: 99999.9998 cbm.

The partition of the smallest section of the counting device: 0.2 cubic meters

Sensitivity threshold, no more than: 5 cu. dm/h

Operating temperature range, ºС: -40 ÷ +50

Maximum working pressure: 50 kPa (0.5 bar)

Type: StK

Diameter of joints: G1 (DN25)

Inter-axial distance of connecting fittings: 110 +/- 0.5 mm;


Service life not less than: 20 years

The interval of re-testing: 8 years

Warranty from the manufacturer 1 year


Dimensions: 214 (width) х 173 (depth) х 251 (height) mm.

Weight, kg: ~ 2.7


Information about model and manufacturer

Producer: SE "Zhulian Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR ""

Country of origin: Ukraine

Another name: GMBP VIZAR G 2.5



1) Gas meter Vizar G2,5

2) Instructions for use

3) Documentation - the passport of the device from the manufacturer and the warranty card. All necessary documentation for installation and registration of gas meter you can find in state authorities.

4) A box for storing the device from the damages in which the gas meter is located. The package is made of high-quality reinforced cardboard, as well as the device is packed in a seal, so that it is as securely protected from damage during transportation.

Pay attention: For the avoidance of problems with help in setting the meter it is better to contact the specialists!



Taking into account the current prices for gas, as well as further rise in price, the installation of a gas meter will save you considerable money. Therefore, in most cases, the issue of installing or not installing is not even worth it. If you want to save, then you need to set it unambiguously.


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Delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine by carriers: Nova Poshta, In-Time or Delivery.

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