Household gas meter Samgas G1,6 RS / 2001-2
Household gas meter Samgas G1,6 RS / 2001-2
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Gas meter Samgaz G1,6 RS/2001-2 is an inexpensive, reliable and very precise gas meter for use in apartments, residential buildings and other commercial organizations with a consumption level of 1.6 cubic meters per hour and 2.5 cubic meters at maximum loads.

The assembly of this counter is beyond praise, there are no unnecessary gaps or other comments, everything is assembled reliably and efficiently.

The design is unassuming.

The case of the gas meter Samgaz G1,6 RS / 2001-2 is made of galvanized steel sheet and coated with powder paint, resistant to high temperatures.


The device is mechanical, so it does not need batteries, the gas meter works as follows:

Gas enters the first of two chambers of the gas meter. Inside, between the chambers, there are 2 membranes that are driven under pressure during the movement of gas from the 1st chamber to the 2nd. Then, through the mechanical elements, the counted mechanism moves in motion.



The size of the counter G 1.6
Model Samgaz G1,6 RS/2001-2
Manufacturer "Samgaz" Rivne, Ukraine
Gas consumption:

Nominal1.6 m3 / h

Maximum 2,5 m3 / h

Bandwidth (min.): 0.010 m3 / h
Maximum working pressure 50 kPa
Connection type Nut
Possible variants of the fitting connection

G3 / 4 "(20mm);

G1" 1/4 (32mm)

Retesting interval 8 years
Range of operating temperatures, ° С  from -30 to +55
High resistance to unauthorized actions Yes
Cyclic volume 1.2 dm3
Overall dimensions

220mm (height)

193mm (length)

171mm (width)


12 months





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