Household gas meter Samgaz G2,5 RS / 2001-2P
Household gas meter Samgaz G2,5 RS / 2001-2P
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The membrane gas meter Samgaz G2,5 RS / 2001-2P is designed to account the volumes of non-aggressive gas consumption in private homes. The model uses a series of design solutions that allow you to accurately track the amount of gas consumed.


The size of gas meter G 2,5

Model Samgaz G2,5 RS / 2001-2P

Manufacturer Samgaz Rivne, Ukraine

Gas consumption: Nominal 2.5 m3/h, Maximum 4 m3/h

Bandwidth (min.): 0.010 m3 / h

Maximum working pressure 50 kPa

Connection type: Nut

Possible dimensions of the nozzle connection: G 3/4 G 1 G 11/4

Inter-axial distance of connecting fittings 110 mm

Retesting interval: 8 years

Qst, sensitivity threshold not less than 0.003 m3 / h

High resistance to unauthorized actions: Yes

LF sensor connection: Yes, it is provided with a design

Cyclic volume 1.2 dm3

Weight, kg 1.9

Overall dimensions: mm 193 (in.) / 171 (sh.) / 220 (g) mm.

Warranty: 12 months


Overview of the gas meter of the Samgaz G 2.5

The digital counting in this gas meter is mechanical, compared to electronic, it is much more reliable and accurate.

From the top there are 2 versatile inputs for connection to the gas pipe (left and right).

To prevent dust or debris from entering, the inputs have plastic plugs. The gas meter table contains the following information:

  • serial number
  • model, as well as type
  • year when it was released
  • company manufacturer
  • country of production
  • Qmax and Qmin


Technical care

Samgaz G 2.5 does not require full-time maintenance. But at the same time the owner must monitor the cleanliness of the meter surface. The soap and other detergents can be used to care for the surfaces of the gas meter.

It is forbidden to wipe the surface with gasoline, kerosene and solvents of other types and brands.


How to order?

To buy a gas meter on our site, click the "Order" button. Then, after switching to the order form, fill in the special form, giving your name, phone number and basic information of the order. You can also call these phones if you have a question about the product. Delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine by carriers: Nova Poshta, In-Time or Delivery.


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