Household gas meter Metrix G1,6
Household gas meter Metrix G1,6
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Diaphragm gas meter Metrix G1,6 (UG1,6) (membrane type) is intended for accounting of natural gas consumption in residential buildings (residential apartments, houses) and commercial premises with a nominal gas consumption of 1.6 m3/h. In peak load, the maximum throughput is 2.5 m3/h.

With this appliance, you can be sure of the accuracy of the provided information on gas consumption.

Metrix diaphragm gas meters are authorized for use in Ukraine and registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments.


Metrix G1,6 gas meter conformity certificates:

- Certificate of Approval of the Type of Measuring Instruments in Ukraine № UA-MI / 2p-1301-2008

- Certificate of conformity of means through the measuring equipment of the approved type in Ukraine UA-MI / 2p-3084-2009



Metrix G1.6 gas meter is supplied in a cardboard box and protected by a sealant for safe transportation of the device. The kit includes the operating instructions and the device passport from the manufacturer.


About the manufacturer

This gas meter is produced by Grupa Apator (a division of Apator Metrix) in Poland in accordance with the EU directives. Apator Metrix has 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of diaphragm gas meters, as well as measuring systems for remote sensing. It's worth noting that Grupa Apator is one of the world leaders in the production of measuring instruments, which constantly cooperates with European and American companies.


Technical characteristics of gas meter Metrix G1,6

Standard size G1,6

Troughput :

- normal (nominal) Qnom 1.6

- maximum Qmax 2.5

- Minimum Qmin 0,016

Working pressure, Pmax. 50 kPa

Cyclic volume 1.2 dm3

Threshold of 5 dm3 sensitivity

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