Household gas meter Metrix G10
Household gas meter Metrix G10
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The description of gas meter Metrix G10 

The diaphragm gas meter Metrix G10  is designed to commercially calculate the volume of gas used. It meets all quality standards of Ukraine and EU countries.

Metrix G10 gas meter has very good metrological and operational characteristics: high accuracy of measurement with permissible relative error in the cost range Qmin. from 0,060 m3/h to Qmax. 10m3/h at Qom. 6 m3/h.

High accuracy of measurement will save on paying for gas up to 20%.

Technical safety of Metrix G10 Meter

The most important requirement for any gas meter is leakproofness. Two, completely different, the halves of the metal case are reliably and hermetically connected with each other by means of a special seam.

In order to check the quality of the meters, they are lowered into a special container with water and with the help of sensors, carry out verification for tightness.

Metrix G10 meter is also protected from moisture, for example, the glass is fixed with a special press.

Metrix G10 gas meter is tested for strength, tightness and correct distribution of gas flows.

The warranty period for Metrix G10 gas meters is 8 years.


Technical parameters

Type G10

Maximum gas flow rate - Qmax m3/h 16

Minimal gas flow rate - Qmin m3/h 0,1

Nominal gas flow rate - Qnom m3/h 10

Cyclic volume dm3 5

Maximum working pressure - Pmax kPa 50

The maximum value of the adder is 99999.999 m 3

Limits of the relative error of the meter in the range of costs, at the initial calibration

- Qmin to 0.1 Qnom - E

- 0.1 Qnom to Qmax - E%% ± 3 ± 1.5

Threshold sensitivity dm3 / year 13

Pressure loss Pa ≤ 200

Range of ambient temperatures ° C -40 ... +55

Temperature range of the working environment ° С -25 ... +55 Threaded fittings inches 2 ''


How to order?

If you want to buy a gas meter on our site, please click the "Order" button. On this page, fill out a special form with your name, phone number and basic details of the order. If necessary, you can call us on the specified phones.

Delivery of the goods is carried out by the territory of Ukraine by carriers "Nova Poshta" or "Delivery".

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