Household gas meter Elster BK-G6
Household gas meter Elster BK-G6
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The gas meter Elster BK-G6 is intended for commercial accounting of the amount of gas consumed in the municipal, domestic economy, enterprises of various industries and in other fields of human activity.

Measured medium: natural gas, propane, butane, inert gases and other non-aggressive, heterogeneous gases in the chemical composition.


Features of gas meter Elster BK-G6

  • Compact design and modern design
  • Possibility of installation on the meter of the low-frequency pulse sensor type IN-Z61 for remote data transmission, for example, with the help of the system of automatic data acquisition (ASD systems)
  • Locking the digital wheels of the countersink device from reverse (a device that blocks the twisting of meter readings).
  • High sensitivity and accuracy of measurements
  • Low energy loss and low pressure loss
  • Insensitivity to gas contamination
  • Low noise level
  • The presence of mechanical temperature compensation
  • High corrosion resistance used for manufacturing parts of materials
  • Long lifespan and high reliability


The structure and work principle of Elster BK-G6

The principle of operation of the gas meter Elster BK-G6 is that the gas entering the middle of the meter causes variable displacement of mobile partitions (diaphragms) and through the system of levers the reducer is actuated by the counting mechanism. The accounting mechanism is equipped with a system of blocking from the reverse.



The design of the Elster BK-G6 gas meter takes into account all the innovative solutions developed by Elster engineers for many decades. Application of only high-quality, durable and at the same time light materials allowed:

1) to facilitate the design of the gas meter as much as possible

2) provide a long lifetime

3) to ensure quiet work           


Pulse sensor

In addition to this model, you can set a pulse sensor that will transmit all the indicators to the automated data acquisition system (AED).


Characteristics of the gas meter Elster BK-G6

Range of working gas consumption:

- maximum: 10 m3 / h;

- nominal: 6 m3 / h;

- Minimum: 0.06 m3 / h

Working temperature ranges, ° C from -20 to +50

Ambient temperature ranges, ° C from -30 to +60

Maximum working pressure, kPa (kgf / cm²) 50 (0.5)

Sensitivity threshold, m³ / h 0.008

Working cost range, m³ / h 0.06 ... 10

Pressure loss, Pa, no more than 200

Connection to the pipeline is a coupling, from above

Interval of re-testing: 10 years


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