Household gas meter Elster BK-G4
Household gas meter Elster BK-G4
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Manufacturer: Elster-Gmbh Germany

Gas meter Elster BK-G4 is designed to measure the consumption of natural gas. Medium of measurement: natural gas, propane, butane, inert gases and other non-aggressive, heterogeneous gases in the chemical composition.

Scope: in the municipal, household and small enterprises of various industries for the purpose of accounting for consumed gas.

Gas meters Elster BK-G4 consist of a sealed housing with built-in measuring mechanism and a counting device.

The operating principle of the diaphragm gas meter BK is based on the selection of the energy of the incoming gas.

Features of gas meters Elster BK-G4:

In the construction of gas meters Elster BK-G4 advanced and high-quality technologies and materials that determine low pressure loss, low noise at work, minimal wear of moving parts, high corrosion resistance and high sensitivity are used.

It is possible to upgrade the diaphragm gas meter Elster BK-G4 with an electronic thermocouple TS-210 or TC-90 / K. For this purpose, a set of parts is installed on the inlet of the meter, equipped with a temperature sensor sleeve for fixing the corrector and an overhead nut for mounting to the meter.


Characteristics of gas meter Elster BK-G4

Nominal flow rate, Qnom m3/h: 4

Max. Flow rate, Qmax m3/h: 6

Minimum flow rate, Qmin m3/h: 0.016

Cyclic volume (V) dm3: 1.2 cubic meters. dm

Maximum working pressure (P max): 50 kPa

1 imp => 0.01 m3

Threshold of sensitivity, no more: 0,005 m3 / h

Operating temperature range, ºС: -36 ÷ +60

Diameter of joints: G3 / 4 (DN20)

Warranty and verification terms

Full service life: 25 years

Frequency of calibration in time: 8 years

Overall dimensions: 212 (w.) X 195 (h) x 155 (in.) Mm.

Weight, kg: ~ 1.9


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To buy a gas meter on our site, click the "Order" button. On this page, fill out a special form with your name, phone number and basic details of the order. If necessary, you can call us on the specified phones.

Delivery of the goods is carried out by the territory of Ukraine by carriers "Nova Poshta" or "Delivery".

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