Household gas meter Elster BK-G1,6Т
Household gas meter Elster BK-G1,6Т
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The gas meter Elster ВK-G1,6T is intended for measuring the volume of gas consumed in everyday life (in apartments, houses) both at objects of many industries with a nominal volume of gas consumption of 1.6 m3/h and a maximum of 2,5 m3/h. High quality, world standards, democratic value, manufacturer warranty, compact size, ease of use - all this testifies to the popularity and demand of this model of gas meters.

Advantages of a household gas meter Elster BK-G1,6T:

  • Compact design and modern design
  • Constructive execution with the right and left directions of the gas flow
  • Optional additional mounting of the IN-Z61 low frequency generator for remote signal transmission
  • Blocking the countdown device from reverse
  • High sensitivity and accuracy of measurement
  • Low energy loss and low pressure loss
  • Insensitivity to contamination.
  • Low noise level
  • High corrosion resistance of applied materials
  • Long service life and high reliability


Technical specifications of gas meter Elster BK-G1,6T

Nominal flow rate, Qnom m3/h: 1.6

Max. Flow rate, Qmax m3/h: 2.5

Minimum flow rate, Qmin m3/h: 0.016

Cyclic volume (V) dm3: 1.2 cubic meters. dm

Maximum working pressure (P max): 50 kPa

1 imp => 0.01 m3

Threshold of sensitivity, no more: 0,005 m3/h

Operating temperature range, ºС: from -30C ÷ to + 60C

Diameter of fittings: 3/4, 1 "1/4

Dimensions 195 x 212 x 155

Weight 1,9 kg.

Full service life: 25 years

The interval of re-testing: once every 8 years


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If you want to buy a gas meter on our site, please click the "Order" button. On this page, fill out a special form with your name, phone number and basic details of the order. If necessary, you can call us on the specified phones.

Delivery of the goods is carried out by the territory of Ukraine by carriers "Nova Poshta" or "Delivery".

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