How is gas quality checked?
img How is gas quality checked?

Household gas used for the needs of consumers, in accordance with the current legislation, must comply with the interstate standard - GOST 5542-87. Each gas company located in the settlements of Ukraine must act in the interests of its consumers, on an ongoing basis analyzing the incoming blue fuel.

What does a gas check include and how does it work? At the first stage, gas is taken from each gas distribution station (from each supply line). For example, in Kiev there are six such lines, in other cities this number also varies.

Samples are taken every week in the presence of specialists and employees of gas distribution stations. The first quality examination is carried out by PJSC "Ukrtransgaz", which issues a corresponding certificate. Further, the results are compared with the data obtained in the laboratory of your gas company.

The second stage involves the selection of one milliliter of gas, which is checked on a chromatograph. Here it is necessary to determine the presence and amount of impurities, additives and other components. The basis of any natural gas is methane with additions of propanes, butanes, ethanes and other gases.

The main requirement is that the sample should not lose thermal conductivity: the combustion temperature should not decrease. In accordance with the standards of GOST 5542-87, thermal conductivity must be equal to or higher than 7600 kilocalories per cubic meter.

At the third stage, after testing on the chromatograph, the gas is released into the environment for 30 minutes. It is completely safe and does not harm the environment.

Date of publication: 14.08.2020

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