Installation of gasmeters
img Installation of gasmeters

The importance of mounting a gas meter has long been argued. As one of the main reasons is significant savings, so this article is dedicated to those who have not yet had time to install or want to replace the old counter with a new one. Like all other household and industrial appliances, gas meters have appropriate installation standards. In any case, they can not be violated and all points must be clearly adhered to. The first point in establishing a meter for gas is the classic preparation of the room. Before installation, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive training, namely to provide free access to the gas pipe. If it's an apartment, then all the excess furniture or any other devices should be dismantled and put aside, for easy access to the goal. Blue fuel is an extremely dangerous source of energy, therefore it is recommended to leave this work to professional installers. Nevertheless, the first recommendations, which are often ignored, is the determination of the radii of the counter placement from the heat source. In this case, the distance should not exceed 400 mm.

Date of publication: 18.04.2020

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