A little about gas safety issues
img A little about gas safety issues

Very often, during scheduled inspections, Gorgaz employees record a wide variety of violations in the operation of gas equipment, which result from violations of operating rules. Each such case can become a potential cause of not only a breakdown of the gas meter, but also the poisoning of the population with carbon monoxide.

Unfortunately, many users are rather frivolous about the installation and operation of gas equipment, which subsequently becomes the cause of many deaths. It is important to understand that combustion products (carbon monoxide), even in small concentrations, are toxic to the human body, causing severe poisoning and leading to death.

Reasons for the ingress of carbon monoxide into the room

How can products of gas combustion end up in a room? First of all, as a result of a malfunction or violation of the tightness of the outlet pipes, smoke ducts, ventilation systems. When installing any ventilation systems in an apartment, you must consult with representatives of the gas service, who will issue a verdict on compatibility.

Carbon monoxide can enter the apartment due to back draft - most often such problems occur in case of prolonged hot weather. The heated air outside the pipe has a lower density, therefore it is sucked in along with the remains of carbon monoxide in the smoke ventilation duct or chimney.

It is very important to always monitor the presence of normal traction, not to leave alone small children or elderly people with reduced mobility in the room. If you have the slightest suspicion of a malfunction (odors, problems with the electrical equipment of the equipment), you should immediately contact the emergency numbers of the gas service.

Date of publication: 10.08.2020

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