Penalties for stopping the gasmeter
img Penalties for stopping the gasmeter

Any counter should work without direct or indirect human intervention. Under the influence of external factors gas meters, like any other counter, lose its accuracy, and sometimes completely ceases to work. The tendency to "deceive" gas meters is not new. The main reason for stopping counters is to avoid full payment. Or this forced action in connection with a difficult financial situation, or sports interest - it does not matter. The result is the only penalty for stopping the counter. Most users of gas meters have heard about neodymium magnets. These magnets are able to block or slow down the counter. Whether it is gas, electricity or water, any technique (reading) is exposed to it. Their popularity has become so publicized that you can buy a neodymium counter anywhere, quickly and inexpensively. Deciding to get off the path of a fair taxpayer, sooner or later one asks, what are the penalties for using a neodymium magnet. The paradox is that the stop of the water meter, gas meter or electricity is different.

Date of publication: 26.06.2020

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